The dark tide has come in and an ocean of black can be seen permeating every nook and cranny of what even the Swedes refer to as the metal capital of the world, Helsinki, Finland.  Tuska Open Air Metal Festival kicks off today in traditional style, with the beer section of every supermarket being pummeled by thirsty concertgoers, followed by a mass exodus to Suvilahti by way of train, tram, bus or piggy-back-rides.

tuska-fb.fwToday Helsinki turns into a metal playground where heavy music enthusiasts from all over the world travel to participate.  And I will be one of them.  I have been training my liver for months.  My earplugs are (mostly) clean.  My camera is ready to snap some mediocre photos.  My skin is ready for the dirt and a sweat and beer that I will bathe in for the next three days.  Oh yes… it is time!

Follow me, my friends, as I do my very best to document the festivities every step of the way with my Flintstones sized fingers.  My typos will be epic… my pictures will be blurry… but hopefully you will get some sense of the awesome that is Tuska by living vicariously through my Twitter account.  It’s time to wake the fuck up and turn this weekend into one giant ‘agonizing’ blur.  Cheers metalheads!

Sam Roon Live Tweets From Tuska

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