Tuska Open Air’s promo videos are getting funnier and funnier, and I can’t wait to see the final two installments!  The festival is right around the corner and my liver is prepared!  …I mean my ears… because I’ll be listening to lots of metal… that’s right…

Anyway, as we await the fifth and sixth promo videos that are coming this week, we got an update that Devil You Know has cancelled due to “work visa issues.”  That’s pretty lame and it’s one of the acts I was really looking forward to seeing. Such is life I guess..

So coming this week, a new band announcement to replace Devil You Know and two more videos! Until then, enjoy these!

Tuska Video 1: Band Host


Tuska Video 2: Gardener


Tuska Video 3: Booking Agent


Tuska Video 4: Announcer


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