DSCF1712Sadface. :-/

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately Tuska is no exception. Between the unofficial afterparties (I couldn’t afford the official ones this time around) and the festival itself, Tuska sucked me dry and left me begging for more. This is an experience I’ve come to expect.

On the last day of Tuska, I had a little bit of a late start, which would not have been such a problem if Sami “Tundra” Uusitalo from Finntroll hadn’t led me astray. I’d looked forward to Stratovarius since attending their Nemesis listening party at Idle Hands in NYC, and now it looked somewhat likely that I’d miss them. At least I was in good company, but I hated to feeling of rushing, especially after a long night at Rastila. The dulcet tones of Battle Beast followed me on my loooong journey to the festival grounds, and I began to regret that I hadn’t had the time to see them properly.

Luckily, I got to Inferno Stage in plenty of time to see Stratovarius perform. Drummer Rolf Pilve, who replaced Jörg Michael last summer, is very talented and fits in perfectly with the rest of the band. While the music was (obviously) great, I found myself distracted by bassist Lauri Porra’s flamboyant appearance — sort of Cliff Burton-esque. If not my most highly anticipated band of the festival (that title goes to King Diamond without hesitation, even if his performance ended up slightly underwhelming), Stratovarius was definitely the most fun band to shoot.

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Nightwish capped off the entire festival, which I thought was an odd decision by the Tuska organizers until I remembered how much people other than me enjoy the band. I’ve expressed my feelings toward Nightwish previously, and anyone who knows me knows I’m not a huge fan. However, after the all-too-brief beer break I took before their set, the reason Nightwish were headliners became clear.

Nightwish’s tone was perfect for that of a closer — they’re certainly lively, but not exactly intense. They were a great band with which to wind down after three days of metal overload, especially for someone like me with no real personal interest in the band. I was content to take a few pictures and head back to my hostel for the sleep I so desperately needed after Tuska kicked my ass six ways from Sunday.

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On Tuska Day 3, I learned no lessons at all…just kidding!

-When you’ve been going to the same destination via the same train stop for two days straight, and someone tells you to get off at a different stop, DON’T LISTEN TO THEM EVEN IF THEY ARE COOL AND GOOD AT MUSIC.

-Save like, thousands upon thousands of dollars before leaving the country for any reason, especially if one of those reasons is beer.

-In a pinch, the human body can survive for three days on one shrimp sandwich a day supplemented with alcoholic generosity.

-In the immortal words of Megadeth, to get there early is on time and sure enough, on time is late.

See you next year! PERKELE!