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Tuska 2016 Announces Cattle Decapitation, Stam1na, Diablo, Myrkur & More!

It's getting even better!!! Cattle Decapitation, Stam1na, Diablo, Myrkur & More!

Tuska 2016 Announces Cattle Decapitation, Stam1na, Diablo, Myrkur & More!

Because the lineup wasn’t already heavy enough, the Tuska organizers have just announced Cattle Decapitation, Stam1na, Diablo, Myrkur and Ghost as part of the 2016 festival entertainment!  I don’t really care for Ghost but the others are reinforcing the already strong lineup for this summer.  I can say definitively now that Tuska 2016 has the best lineup in years, and they’ve only announced 13 bands so far!

In his review of the latest record, SkullsNBones’ Jamie Lee was nothing short of floored when he wrote, “Cattle Decapitation may or may not be death metal psychics, but it is impossible to question the power and perfection of The Anthropocene Extinction.”  This is the album the extreme metal titans will be bringing to Helsinki this summer, and I can promise you, the pit will be more aggressive than anything you’ve seen in a very long time.

Cattle Decapitation


Stam1na is a particularly aggressive metal band that has become a staple of the heavy music scene in Finland.  I can tell you first-hand their performance is aggressive and they band performs with high precision.


Diablo is a Finnish melodic death metal band with a nice sound.


Myrkur is an etherial and dark metal who are doing something a little different in the metal scene.




Stay tuned to SkullsNBones for more festival announcements coming soon!


Tuska 2016 Bands Announced So Far
Cattle Decapitation

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Tickets to Tuska 2016

TUSKA 2016 tickets can be bought from Tiketti, Lippupalveluand Lippupiste. Early Crow ticket pricing starts at 115 € while tag for VIP-packages is 255 €. Turbo VIP –ticket holders get i.a. own entrance lane to the fest area, VIP-area with its restaurant services, one hot meal per fest day, VIP-passes and wristbands plus exclusive TUSKA 2016 -doggy bag filled with merchandise stunners. Find detailed list of VIP-package ingredients here. 115 € priced Early Crow tickets are being sold until the end of the year or until the stock dries out.