Truth Corroded: “Bloodlands” Album Review


Truth Corroded: “Bloodlands” Album Review

Truth Corroded bring some Australian thrash/death metal to the table with their release of Bloodlands.

In the vein of Morbid Angel, Hellwitch and other ’80s thrash/speed/death metal bands, Truth Corroded focus on themes of war and displacement and vocalize the sociopolitical issues of their home as well as abroad. There are several guest appearances on Bloodlands, including Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation), Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) and Kevin Talley (ex-Suffocation).

Though labeled as a death thrash metal band, Truth Corroded clearly don’t fit into any one genre easily. You might think of Malevolent Creation, Possessed or the like, but you’d still miss the mark. While the foundations of their music are definitely thrash with a few death-like down-tempo parts, there’ss also an array of influences which make their sound quite difficult to label.

Jason North’s aggressive vocal style and the way he spits forth his rage is a notable and distinctive feature that sets them aside from the usual bands from the start. The second surprise comes in the leads. While the riffing and the rhythm section deal with the death/thrash vortex of harshness emphasized by the unconventional vocals, the leads add a big dose of melody which is a bit unsettling upon early listens of the record. Unsettling because they’re more the kind of stuff you expect from virtuoso guitarists like Metallica’s Kirk Hammett or Testament’s Alex Skolnick, and they heavily contrast with the cruder delivery of the Truth Corroded musicians. The two songs of note that lured me into their style are “Conquest of Divide” and “Of Open Eyes and Willing Hands.”

If you like it fast and hard … well, need I say more?

Bloodlands is out March 22 on Unique Leader Records. Buy it here!

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