True Widow: "Avvolgere" Album Review

Guitar pedal freaks, rejoice!

True Widow: "Avvolgere" Album Review

Guitar pedal freaks, rejoice! True Widow’s new album, Avvolgere, is drenched in distortion like wool in India ink.

Formed in 2007, True Widow hit their stride with 2013’s Circumambulation, and this new record expands their reach, caterwauling listeners into an immersive experience with undertones of stoner metal but boasting a myriad of stylistic nuances that make it wholly its own. From the discordant introduction to “Back Shredder” to the woozy “What Finds Me” that closes the album, the trio churn fuzzed-out textures so thick it feels like floating. It ebbs and flows like the frothy waves crashing sandy shores under stormy clouds, with “Theurgist” riding a bobbing bass line through an ominous chorus, and the plod of “The Trapper & The Trapped” sweetened by the alternating vocals of guitarist DH Phillips and bassist Nicole Estill.

Avvolgere demonstrates a band at the top of their game and confident in their powers. True Widow conjure some mighty spirits with this album, and possession is imminent.

Avvolgere is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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