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Yesterday it was announced that H&M has started putting fake metal bands on their clothing to pander to alt folks who don’t know anything about the scene they’re half-assedly trying to emulate. Strong Scene Productions, sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the ignorance of fashionistas and metalheads alike, pretended to represent the fake bands advertised by H&M and released a compilation video containing the logos featured on one of their jackets. Anyone who was familiar enough with fashion and metal could have seen that this was an obvious joke, but apparently no such savvy people exist, at least not on the internet. Check it out:

An interview with Noisey reveals that Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali, of Moonsorrow and Finntroll fame, was behind the not-terribly-elaborate-in-hindsight prank. “We…wanted to point out the fact that you cannot commercialise a subculture without actually knowing all the different aspects of it,” said Sorvali in the interview. He added that he had not ever been offered a job at H&M (a side-rumor that developed as a result of all this) and that he prefers to consider what he did “cultural jamming” rather than trolling.

So there you have it — a fun April Fool’s joke a week too early. You got us, Trollhorn! Unless the real troll is that he was never involved at all… *puts on tinfoil hat*