Trivium: “What The Dead Men Say” Album Review


Trivium: “What The Dead Men Say” Album Review

Over the years, Trivium have become a really unique and influential band in metalcore. Since Ember To Inferno came out back in 2003, Their sound has been constantly improving, and they put out what I would consider to be a couple essential albums for the genre. They were even nominated for a Grammy for their last one, The Sin And The Sentence, which I absolutely loved. Their upcoming album, What The Dead Men Say, continues with the sound that they delivered so well on their last album, and they also have added a few heavier elements to it.

Trivium immediately grab your interest with the ominous build up of an intro track “IX.” As soon as that ends, the heavy intro riff to the title track plays and instantly gets you headbanging. Both the title track and “Catastrophist” have incredibly catchy choruses, heavy main riffs, and really impressive work in every instrument.

The biggest difference between What The Dead Men Say and the last Trivium album is that this one cranks up the heaviness throughout. The song “Amongst The Shadows And Stones” is really heavy throughout but also has those harmonic Trivium-style guitar leads that give it a really unique sound. But they also have lighter songs like “Scattering The Ashes,” so it’s not a one-sided album.

Alex Bent, who joined the band in 2017, does an amazing job on the drums, and he adds another dimension to each song with some really interesting fills and beats that make this album – as well as their last – feel like an evolution from their older stuff. Of course, Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu do an absolutely stunning job on guitar as usual.

What The Dead Men Say kind of feels like a darker sequel to Trivium’s last album which is a very good thing. They continue to prove themselves as an essential metalcore band.

What the Dead Men Say is out April 24 on Roadrunner Records. Buy it here!

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