Album Review: Triple Kill, “Age Of Rebellion”

Melbourne, Australia metallers Triple Kill are releasing Age of Rebellion, an album that delivers classic thrash metal.

Peppered with some great lead guitar melodies, there’s a primal, primitive side to  the tracks on Age of Rebellion that counterpoints the intricacy of those guitar sections and provides a different element to the sound. The title track has ascending and descending fretwork that just flows, and “Lords of Cinder” presents chugging, preternatural riffs.

Triple Kill take listeners down a ferocious and speed-driven path, presenting a cacophonous wall of noise and some excellent musicianship. There are plenty of subtle motifs within this swirling sea of thrashing sounds that make up the bulk of Age of Rebellion.

Age of Rebellion is out October 5. Buy it here! While your at it, check out a video for “The Alchemist” here!

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Triple Kill - Age of Rebellion - Promo

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