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Trespass America FestivalAlright people, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!  The Trespass America Festival Tour Winner Announcement!  Honestly, this contest turned out to be even more cool than I had originally anticipated.  I mean, I know all these bands have some rabid fans, but some of you have really proven to be dedicated, life-long fans and there’s no prize in the world that can reinforce or take away the pride that comes along with that.  We got more email entries than I think we’ve ever had for any contest before!

I won’t talk much besides saying that I’m really excited to see that winners turned out to each be fans of different bands on the tour.  So without further BS on my part, here are the winners of the contest!

Runner Up No.1!

Evan Johnson

Prize: God Forbid & Emmure Bracelets, Battlecross Stickers, CD & Poster from his choice of FFDP, God Forbid, Emmure or Battlecross and whatever else we decide to throw in the box!

Why did we pick this one: It’s pretty obvious that this guy is a die-hard FFDP fan who supports the hell out of them to no end.  He also has the most impressive tattoo of all the entries and that by itself is cause for us to consider it.  Really in the end it’s the combination of all the support and overall dedication that wins him the runner up prize!

Here is the entry:

As you can tell from my pictures, I am by far the biggest 5FDP fan on the planet! I collect everything that I can find that has to do with the band. Going to Trespass American Festival would be a dream come true, to not only experience it, but also show my loyalty. I am willing to travel anywhere but the closest location to me is Los Angeles, CA, I am in WA state.

Runner Up No.2!

Winner: Steve Denny

Prize: God Forbid & Emmure Bracelets, Battlecross Stickers, CD & Poster from his choice of FFDPGod ForbidEmmure or Battlecross and whatever else we decide to throw in the box!

Why we picked this one: This entry is cool because it’s clear that Steve is a big fan of Battlecross, and got whatever pictures he could with a band that is new to the national scene.  There’s something about his entry that speaks to us and so we decided to reward that with the other runner up prize!

Here’s the entry:

first photo is of me with 4/5 members of BATTLECROSS!  Don, Hiran, Mike, Tony.

next, a photo of me and Kyle(Gumby) of Battlecross, post show

Me meeting up with Byron Davis from God Forbid!

And lastly and most important, me headbangin’ like a boss to “Push Pull Destroy” live front stage for Battlecross, supporting them while putting my body and muscles in harms way of being strained.

Cannot wait for this tour to come around and see these bands again, along with everyone else, inlcuding the third sitting of 5FDP! and return of Jesse  KSE!!!

Grand Prize!

Melissa Erickson

Prize: A pair of tickets to the show of your choice, CDs from Five Finger Death Punch, God Forbid, Emmure, Battlecross, Trivium & Pop Evil, posters from Five Finger Death Punch, Emmure, God Forbid & Battlecross, Tee Shirts from God Forbid and Emmure, and whatever else we decide to throw in the box!

Why did we pick this one: ONE WORD – DEDICATION.  This is how you support bands.  You get out there, you get your hands dirty, you travel to see them wherever you can and do whatever it takes to help make sure they get exposure.  Melissa showcases exactly that in her entry and that’s why she wins the grand prize.  Thanks for pushing bands you haven’t even seen before to help support a tour that your favorite band is on.  Well done!

Here is the entry:

Unfortunately I haven’t seen the other bands live yet, only Pop Evil so I will post those pictures. Pics are from multiple 22 hour trips with my family to MI for live shows, car, headboard, me and the copies of the CD I bought when the album was released, and I made posters for the Worcester, MA show with all the lineup, ticket info, and suicide donation info on it, and went around to all the venues, bars, colleges, etc. asking permission to hang them…didn’t get one no. So now this city is covered in Trespass posters. 🙂