TREPALIUM, "H.N.P." ALBUM REVIEW!A trepalium is an ancient three-staked instrument of torture. The subject of the torture would be tied to the trepalium and burnt with fire.  The French band, sporting this same moniker, has the same goal in mind-to destroy you with neck breaking riffs and guttural vocals.

Trepalium have built their sound around what they call groovy death metal.  I can agree with that.  The album has a groovy feel to it all around.  I can hear multiple different bands influences here-Gojira, Meshuggah, Pantera, The Haunted and even Opeth come to mind.  Their sound is a very unique blend of all of these influences-adding in, of course, Trepalium‘s own version of madness and murder to each song!

Each song seems to have it’s own personality-from brutal all out death metal to groove oriented jazz.  “Insane Architect” is one of my favorite groovy songs-it just makes you want to nod your head.  We go straight into “Let the Clown Rise” from there.  A kick ass. straight forward death metal song laden with double kick drums and cool guitar riffs.  The first song, “Heic Noenum Pax,” also follows suit.

I Was” is a different song all together.  Very reminiscent of a Dimebag type groove.  Also one of my favorites.  Very cool song.  Slow and building.  KK’s vocals really shine on this one!

Trepalium included a cover of Pantera‘s, “I’m Broken” as the finale for this album.  I’m not quite sure on this one.  Anselmo is SUCH a powerful singer on Far Beyond Driven – I don’t think this cover does justice to the original.  Not a bad cover-just not all that dynamic.

4/5 stars