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Trepalium Exclusive Interview By Metal Mark!


Trepalium Exclusive Interview By Metal Mark!

Trepalium is looking to make some noise in 2015! Since their beginning in 2001, they’ve grown their audience to huge numbers across the pond, and are looking to bring their sound to the global community more than ever with the release of their “Damballa’s Voodoo Doll” EP. In Jason’s 5/5 review of the EP, he said that they have “have created a monster,” so that should make you take notice right away. Although they are called “swing metal” by many fans, this band is doing something much more than that, and it’s refreshing to hear such a fresh approach to metal these days. Call it whatever you want, but if you have an open mind, and love all styles of music blended with metal, Trepalium is for you!

After falling completely in love with this EP I got to send the guys some questions to hopefully bring them more fans here in the States, and get the word out about the “Damballa’s Voodoo Doll” EP! Learn more about your new favorite band below!

MM- For those fans that have yet to discover you guys, what would be the best way to describe your sound? Is “swing metal” correct?

You hit the bulls eye! It’s the right term. I was already describing our music like that when we were in studio. Swing metal, Brutal-swing metal, Boogie death-metal…all these terms sounds good to me.

MM- From Gojira to Alcest to Loudblast and more, France is well known for unique bands, as you guys are. What is it about that country that brings this “uniqueness” out of people?

It’s hard to say. Maybe a student should write a book about that haha! Just seriously, maybe metal music culture was too marginal in France some years ago, so most of bands started to find their identity observing and blending some diverse elements of the American, English and Scandinavian scenes. I think the uniqueness of French scene comes from that.

MM- With the release of “Damballa’s Voodoo Doll,” you’ve really solidified your name in the scene. You guys have been around since 2001, and this isn’t your first release, so how does it feel to finally get that love from all around the world?

What can I say…it’s great! Most of bands in our situation have always dreamed about spreading their music all over the world. We start to get some recognition, but there’s still lots of stuff to do. It’s just the beginning for us.

MM- For those looking for one track to best represent the latest EP, can you choose one?

Maybe “Moonshine Limbo”. It’s seems the most appropriate song for me, even if each single songs could be considered as fairly representative. The global mood of that song, edgy rock riffs, the jazzy bridge, technical licks. That’s why we decided to shoot a video clip of this one first.

MM- Joe from Gojira appears on the second track, and kills it. How cool was that to work with them again?

Awesome! During the European tour with Gojira in 2012, we’ve proposed to Joe to featured again on one song for the EP, and he was delighted by our proposal! When the time came to record he was on tour with Gojira in Australia though. He was too busy, so he asked us to sent files by mail. We wished we had more time to go further in this work with him, but we were in a hurry. So we just kept some parts of what he did. It still came out cool though!

MM- Gojira has obviously broken out from France to become one of the biggest bands on the planet. You guys are huge in your own country, but is there any advice they may have given you to help you find the same global success?

The Gojira guys have always told us to never give up and believe in our dreams. Joe told me once after a show, even if the band is surrounded, you have to keep an eye on it.

MM- With all the love about the EP, can we expect to see you guys in the States sometime this year?

Who knows, maybe! Our booking agency is working hard to make it happen. Wait and see!

MM- What does the rest of 2015 hold for Trepalium?

The band will continue touring around France and Europe. We’ve already headline a short trek in UK to promote the Uk release of “Damballa’s Voodoo Doll” in February and we’ll come back this summer I think. We also plan to shoot a second clip soon, and I’ve started writing you guys up some more swing metal for 2016!

MM- Any final words you’d like to say to the fans out there?

Thanks a lot for this interview! Spread the Trepalium name!

Stream the “Damballa’s Voodoo Doll” EP below via MetalSucks!

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Trepalium - Damballa