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Treasonist: “Treasonist” Album Review

Ally says, "... you can liken heavy metal to a chemistry experiment, and I don't mean just blowing shit up." Read her review of the new Treasonist now!

Treasonist: “Treasonist” Album Review

Sometimes you can liken heavy metal to a chemistry experiment, and I don’t mean just blowing shit up. The creation of your own style by mixing genres happens on an everyday basis in various garages, basements and studios.

Treasonist have blended the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Pig Destroyer, Cannibal Corpse and a helping of Hatebreed into a conglomerate of brutal heaviness that will nail your eardrums to the fucking walls. They have signed with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and are figuratively stomping the Pacific Northwest with their self-titled album.

With songs like “Dissolved Ideals” and “Order Is Weakened” Treasonist deliver fierce deathgrind reminiscent of Napalm Death (Utopia Banished-era) with plenty of destructive blasts. The difference lies in the fact the songs are shorter and contain more riffs/ tempos changes, but they also sound less “tech death.” During my listen, the tracks mostly filled with blasts, tempo changes, and fast death metal parts.

The main negative point may lie in the songs’ right-to-the-point manner, if you don’t dig this approach. They are brutally quick and bare-bones. They hack you up and leave you wondering WTF just happened. Razor sharp, cruel and bare bones – I say it kicks ass.

Treasonist is out October 19 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Buy it here!

Treasonist - Self-titled - Promo

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