Travis Ryan Of Cattle Decapitation Interview About Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges And More!


Travis Ryan Of Cattle Decapitation Interview About Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges And More!

Travis Ryan, Cattle Decapitation
Travis Ryan, Cattle Decapitation

Travis Ryan, Cattle Decapitation

When a fan jumps on stage and doesn’t jump off, what do you do?

It depends. I usually don’t do anything. I guess it depends on how they’re acting. Some go out of their way to say “look at me! look at me!” through their actions and I can’t stand that. Those that physically get involved with you in any way can take a hike, unless its a simple arm around the shoulder or something. Bottom line though is, that’s their stage and you must take accountability for your actions. If you go up there 3 times, expect that on the third time someone is going to be waiting to send you off. Not out of maliciousness or violence but because you’re directly and repeatedly involving yourself in a territory that is considered by the club, the performers and even the rest of the fans as trespassing.

Have you ever injured a fan while performing?

I have kicked and punched faces while performing. Not sure if they were fans or not. I punched a guy square in the face recently because he was grabbing my leg rather violently and I blatantly almost fell over. After I decked him he started headbanging. So I can’t tell if he was a fan or just some drunk dickhead. Either way, I never did shit like that to bands I was there to see and YES, this is an instance where I DO expect people to conduct themselves the way I would. Because I’m not a fucking idiot, I give people their space and treat those I look up to with respect.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you accidentally killed a fan while performing?

No, but now I do.

What are your thoughts on the Randy Blythe case?

If that video we’ve all seen is true and legit, then anyone that watches that video and still thinks he is guilty of manslaughter has not a brain in their head or really need to get their eyes checked out because what I’m seeing is one giant ass security guard directly behind the kid and Randy’s hand barely touching the kid. I haven’t heard about anyone indicting the security guard. Where the hell is HE in all this? What the fuck is going on here!?!?! I just don’t get it. We must be seeing the wrong video or something. Why is it so hard for people to see that this guy didn’t “throw” that kid off the stage, resulting in his death? It seems like someone is playing favorites here or something because if anyone is more guilty than the other, it’s that fuckin security guard who looks like a goddamn tank that rushes up behind the dude. Unless Randy has eyes on the back of his head, he’s not even looking in the kids direction.

Will you tour in the Czech Republic in the future?

Yep, playing Brutal Assault here in a couple weeks. Perhaps I need to be strapped in a chair, put on a Hannibal Lecter mask and have guards surrounding me so nothing bad happens. It’s a fuckin metal show, what the fuck.

Anything you’d like to add?

I’ve never willingly listened to one Lamb of God song so I can’t say I’m a fan, but from what I’ve heard about Randy Blythe from the many friends we seem to share (I’ve never met him personally), Randy sounds like a super nice guy that would never try to hurt a fan or do anything that would involuntarily lead to his or her death. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the guy for years and I’m willing to bet he feels more horrible that one of his fans died than sitting in a Czech prison wondering what his fate is.