Trap Them: "Crown Feral" Album Review

Leaving "Blissfucker" behind!

Trap Them: "Crown Feral" Album Review

Trap Them are an enigma. Their music contains elements of not only hardcore, but of blistering punk with a tinge of grind.  It’s what you get if Nails, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front and Napalm Death are all put in a blender on frappe! The biggest thing that separates Trap Them from the their peers is the darkened aura surrounding their music, which is why I threw Nails in above. Ryan McKenney‘s vocals are frantic and punishing at the same time and the riffs are absolutely crushing, but the melody of the guitars is haunting throughout.

“Kindred Dirt” opens Crown Feral, the band’s fifth full-length, in a slow, somber tone before “Hellionaires” launches into a no-holds-barred frenzy. The guitar tones are menacing amid the pummeling drums. “Prodigala” takes the brutality one step further with a simpler beat, but the riffs that are no less sharp. “Luster Pendulums” brings an air of anger to the forefront, almost building into grindcore, but then returns to a whiplash-inducing headbanger! “Malengines Here, Where They Should Be” has a more traditional hardcore groove. McKenney’s vocals are blistering, and it is one of my favorites on the entire album. “Speak Nigh” brings back that more frantic, stripped-down, hardcore feel. I’m hoping this ends up in their live set. “Twitching in the Auras” starts slow, dark, and oozes pure evil. It’s cool how the simple hit of the bell on a ride cymbal can be so fitting, and the riff in the chorus is chugging and heavy, making it absolutely my favorite song here! “Revival Spines” brings you back full circle and pummels you from beginning to end. “Stray Of The Tongue” reminds me more of old school Agnostic Front-type hardcore than anything on the album. Straight out of the gate, it is fast and punishing. “Phantom Air” starts slow and heavy, yet harnesses an air of melody that retains an evil aura. The song builds into an all out pummeling toward the end, making it the perfect outro to a perfect album!

I thought that Trap Them had their best album with Blissfucker, but they have managed to do even better with Crown Feral.

Crown Feral is out September 23 on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it here!

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