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Tour Dimebag Darrell’s Legendary House And Studio!


Tour Dimebag Darrell’s Legendary House And Studio!

During his thirty eight years on this planet, Dimebag Darrell truly lived it up. From his years with Pantera absolutely ruling the world, to Damageplan and more, he was one of the greatest musicians to ever walk onto the stage. From all of the stories we’ve heard over the years from other legends, he was just that special away from the lights as well. One thing we all knew about Dimebag Darrell was that he always went big. Whether it was playing a blistering solo, or drinking until the sun came up, he was always the life of the party, and made sure that everyone felt right at home. Thanks to Guitar World, you can now tour HIS legendary home and studio in the amazing video below! We’ve heard stories about the insane parties that went on in this house, and some have even been lucky enough to go inside, but for those of us who haven’t seen it yet, enjoy the footage below! RIP DIME!