Tornado: “Commitment To Excellence” Album Review

Tornado are a thrash metal outfit formed around 2010 in Finland and are well known for their anti-bullying song “David and Goliath.” Their upcoming release, Commitment to Excellence, is chock-full of speedy riffing. The songs have a hook-laden tunefulness that pays homage to old-school aesthetics. Check out the tracks “The Flight of Yuri Gargarin” and “Global Pandemic.”

The album features a decent, heavy cover of S.O.D.‘s “United Forces.” For my ears, the featured song on Commitment to Excellence is “Chaos Among the Ruins” which has a very Anthrax-like sound. All messages within the songs aside (I am not a political guru), Tornado have an electric creativity that brews within the malmstrom of scorching guitar flow and fantastic rhythms.

Commitment to Excellence is out August 31 on Extreme Metal Music/ Rockshots Records. Pre-order it here!

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