Torn The Fuck Apart: “A Genetic Predisposition To Violence” Album Review

When you consider the various elements that make for a a great death metal song, the songwriting process is one hell of a sick adventure to formulate a composition that really sticks. Take, for example, Torn the Fuck Apart’s A Genetic Predisposition to Violence. The album’s introduction, “It Jammed the Woodchipper,” features sound bytes of a dubious murder using the grinding device. And it takes some pretty warped minds with sick chops to massage a track like this to the point where it is pure magic in the context of the complete album.

Torn the Fuck Apart‘s brutal yodeling is classic death metal, and the intricate instrumentation speeds below the growls to forms an intense landscape of destruction. “These Pliers are Terrible for Pulling Teeth” is not only one of the most darkly humorous song titles in recent memory, but it grinds with a vigor that is tortuous with ultra-violent riffing and delirious blasts that strike nerves. “In the Confines of Fear” is an atmospheric instrumental that emanates evil before diving into “Dad’s Head for Dinner,” a guttural rager that clearly informed the grisly cover art for A Genetic Predisposition to Violence.

Simply put, A Genetic Predisposition to Violence is good. Brutal death metal is stronger with Torn the Fuck Apart in its ranks.

A Genetic Predisposition to Violence is out June 29 on Gore House Productions. Buy it here!

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