Miami alt-metallers Torche have a very dynamic and unique aura surrounding them. Their eclectic blend of fuzz, sludge, pop metal and atmospheric music is not only interesting  but intriguing.  I’m reminded of Queens of the Stone Age, Baroness and Mastodon, but only slightly. Vocalist Steve Brooks‘ clean, harmonious vocals are hypnotic as hell, and they blend perfectly with the storm of music flowing around them. I think they’ve created their own perfect album blending significant portions of Meanderthal with Harmonicraft to make the juggernaut known as Restarter.

“Annihilation Affair” opens up in a blend of heavy stoner riffs.  It’s slower, albeit driving and pummelling, ending in a storm of screaming guitars and pounding drums. “Bishop in Arms” picks up the pace and blends their trademark vocal harmonies with a wall of heaviness. “Minions” takes you back to slow, hypnotic wall of riffs. If you close your eyes, it feels like they are surrounding you. “Loose Men” might be the catchiest song here, but it still kicks ass.  Clocking in at just a bit over two minutes, it gets the point across in short order. “Undone” is a juggernaut marrying heavy and harmony in perfect union. “No Servants” has a Kyuss-type feel, but once again, the vocals shine and the melody almost gives way to a heavy-pop sound. “Barrier Hammer” features Sabbath-like riffs amid vocals that recall Alice In Chains.  It’s fucking amazing!  The title track, clocking in at over eight minutes, takes you out of the album in traditional Torche riffing.  The vocals almost take a back seat to the storm of guitars.

Torche have definitely created their masterpiece with Restarter. The blend of different genres of music is untouched by anyone out there.

Restarter is out February 24th on Relapse Records. Pre-order it here!

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Torche - Restarter




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