the merciless book of metal lists“THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS: The Most Opinionated Compendium Ever Written about Heavy Metal” will come out on April 9th, 2013.  We here in SkullsNBones world LOVE lists.  From the top ten reasons to buy this book, to the top ten reasons you should read all of our “top ten reasons” lists, we’re obsessed with ranking and analyzing everything we can possibly wrap our alcohol infused brains around.

Authored by Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins (google them if you don’t know) and with contributions from Kerry King, Phil Anselmo, Scott Ian, Scott Ian’s beard, Gary Holt, Max Cavalera, Danny Lilker, Jon & Marsha Zazula, Brian Slagel, Eddie Trunk, Monte Conner and many others, this read is surely going to raise some hairs. From the press release: “THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS dares to call many out for being the worst. It points out the triumphs, as well as the miserable failures concerning metal, and recklessly opines on each and every aspect of it, from a diehard fan’s point-of-view.”

Personally, I’m just curious enough to buy this damn thing.  I love lists and even more than loving them, I love to call them out for being wrong.  Normally it’s the bullshit that Rolling Stone or Revolver puts out that gets me the most angry, but now there’s a real book I can look at with my elitist mindset.  On top of that, I can get mad at famous people and not some douche bag writer at a blog (wait, what am I?) who claims to be expert enough to tell me what ‘thing’ is better than another ‘thing’.

More from the PR, “You want to know about album covers that feature goats on them? What MOTORHEAD icon Lemmy’s warts might tell you if they could speak? The achievements IRON MAIDEN would never have reached had their original vocalist Paul Dianno remained in the band? Well then, this book is for you.”

So my verdict?  $11.98 isn’t too bad for 208 pages of shit metalheads can get rowled up about.  I’m into it.  You can preorder it on Amazon by clicking the link to the right, or by clicking HERE.  There have been a lot of metal books coming out over the last year or so, this one actually has me interested.  Check it out.

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