Guys objectify us all the time. Now it’s our turn.

10. Corey Taylor – Slipknot, Stone Sour

One of the first CDs I ever owned was the Wait And Bleed single, and back then it wasn’t so easy to find unmasked pictures of the bandmembers. It wasn’t until much later that I saw Corey Taylor in We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘n Roll that I was able to see what a stone cold fox he was. What can I say? I’m a sucker for redheads!

9. David Ellefson – Megadeth

I’m sure a lot of you thought Dave Mustaine would be somewhere on this list, but I’ve snubbed him in favor of the bassist. There’s just something about how sweet and innocent he looked back in the day that pokes at my Mrs. Robinson gland just right. Plus, have you ever seen him try to look badass? It’s adorable, like a kitten trying to hiss.

8. Philip Anselmo – Down, Pantera

Is there anything sexier than a man who loves animals? That snake has no clue how lucky it is. This does NOT mean I give his racist rants a pass — it just means I know what looks good when I see it, and Philip Anselmo looks damned good.

7. Henkka Seppälä – Children Of Bodom

Though we swooned over them back in 8th grade, the members of Children Of Bodom are all starting to look a little worse for the wear…except Henkka. It’s no real surprise that the youngest member of the band looks the hottest until you realize Alexi Laiho and Janne Wirman are only a year older than him. He’s gorgeous anyway, but next to his bandmates, he looks downright angelic.

6. Shavo Odadjian – System Of A Down

Shavo Odadjianvelvet hammer management / John Klijnen –

I’m starting to think I have a bass fetish! Back when I was 12, staying up late to watch music videos on VH1, Shavo Odadjian caught my eye. System Of A Down kind of blew my mind too, as I’d never heard any bands like them before, but there’s only one reason I ever cared about their videos and it wasn’t the cinematography.

5. Mathias “Warlord” Nygård – Turisas

Mathias "Warlord" Nygård
Photo by: Maneki Neko Photography — in Istanbul, Turkey

I’d go to Holmgard and beyond with this one. Good lord. Between the rumbling voice, bright blue eyes, and flowing hair, I think I’m in love. Strange that such a hot guy would look so terrifying with a little warpaint on.

4. Tim Yeung – -Divine Heresy, Morbid Angel

Tim Yeung Tim Yeung

Kudos to Tim Yeung for his willingness to pose for glamour shots! I could find a million half-naked perfectly lit, framed, and posed pictures of almost any female metaller on earth, but it’s much more of a hardship to find similar pics of guys, let alone guys as beautiful as Yeung.

3. Pete Steele – Type O Negative

Peter Steele Peter Steele

Kudos to Pete Steele too, may he rest in peace! Though he did express some vague regret about his 1995 Playgirl shoot after finding out that most Playgirl subscribers were men, he didn’t seem to make too much of a fuss about it otherwise.

2. Kirk Hammett – Exodus, Metallica

Kirk Hammett Kirk Hammett

How do you choose just one picture to represent a guy that’s been smokin’ hot for over three decades? The guys in Metallica were generally a decent-looking bunch, but their respective primes have come and gone. Kirk has aged like a fine wine over the years, and my schoolgirl crush on him hasn’t let up one bit.

1. Quorthon – Bathory

I really didn’t want to have two dead people in my list, but I just couldn’t say no to Tomas “Quorthon” Forsberg. Before addiction took its toll on his appearance, he was positively striking. While he was gorgeous, part of his appeal definitely lies in his devotion to music. He played five instruments and helped pioneer a subgenre of metal. If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is.

The Most Honorable Mention: Sam Roon of Post Pulse / HUNG, who keeps our glorious site going and whom I totally did not feel obligated to include in this list, no sirree Bob. 😉

So am I right or am I right? What would your top ten list look like?