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Hi everybody, it’s me, She-Wolf. I hope you haven’t all forgotten about me! I took a much-needed break for a while, but now I’ve returned. Here is a list of reasons why I couldn’t quit you after all.

1. I still had a lot to say


In the first few months after I went on hiatus, I found myself looking at Facebook, seeing juicy stories, and wanting to tell everyone about them…which is exactly what I was no longer able to do. I’d lost my ability not only to spread the word about fun stuff, but also to vent! It’s one thing to chat with friends about little annoyances, but it’s sooooo much more satisfying to use a public forum.

2. I have time on my hands now

cuckooclockPhoto credit: My Cuckoo Clocks.

Part of the reason my heart was no longer in Hear Evil was that I didn’t have time to put my heart into much of anything. Eventually my day job had me doing the work of three people (with the hourly rate, not even a salary, of one), all while training someone new. Getting home before 8pm was a luxury. After I moved on to greener (in more ways than one) pastures in September, my mind & body were way less encumbered. Going to shows and paying attention were no longer burdensome obligations — they were enjoyable hobbies again! Speaking of which…

3. I kind of needed a hobby


Breeding Pokemon during my commutes and watching American Dad on Netflix do not count as hobbies. I missed flexing my brain muscles to come up with cool topics to write about.

4. I relearned how to enjoy metal

metalheadsPhoto credit: Jörg Brüggemann.

I can’t remember how this happened, but I found myself in a situation where I was caring way too much about The Almighty Scene. Promoters were shoving their shows in my face & guilting me if I couldn’t attend, which I often couldn’t (see #2). “Rival” journalists were making mean-spirited jokes at my expense. Well-meaning friends were in my Facebook inbox asking me when I was coming to the next show. It somehow became more about making appearances than enjoying myself, which was completely unacceptable.

Two months after I left Hear Evil, I went to see Týr, Metsatöll, and Eluveitie at Irving Plaza, and I had a fantastic time. It was the first show I’d gone to as a fan in a very long time, and I had a blast. No passive aggression in the photo pit, no making nice with people I disliked — just pure, simple enjoyment of awesome bands. THAT’S what I needed to be focused on for the whole time. I have more faith in myself (and more energy) to put all the scene crap in the back of my mind now.

5. I missed you!


OH GOD MY HIATUS WAS SO LONELY. What is a Soapbox Sadie like myself without an audience? Shower me in Facebook comments and retweets! Let me know my voice has been heard!