FINALLY a new song from Tombs is here!!! 2011′s “Path of Totality” was such a powerful record, and now we are only weeks away from the highly anticipated follow up! “Savage Gold” will finally be released on June 10th via Relapse Records, and I can not wait! This is truly a band doing something creative and new in the scene, and from the band’s statement on the new material, we are in for something special in June. Here’s what they said, “The new material is darker and more extreme than the last record. The addition of Ben Brand and Garett Bussanick have really stepped up the playing and musicianship to a new level.

So are you ready to hear Tombs at a new level? Thanks to the good people at Pitchfork, you can hear the brand new track, “Edge Of Darkness,” below right now! Open up your minds and ears to this incredible song immediately!


Via Pitchfork

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