Tombs: "All Empires Fall" EP Review By Jamie Lee!

Tombs continue their chameleonic approach to metal with All Empires Fall, a five-song EP that sees them at full-strength (including new keyboardist/second vocalist Fade Kainer) and as versatile as ever, diving deeper into a myriad of styles all hued by the darkest shades of black.

From the ominous synth bellow that opens the instrumental “The World is Made of Fire” to the swirling guitars, blasts, and distant screeches that adorn the blackened “Obsidian,” the unrelenting undertones are propelled through brutal rhythms and thunderous low-end. Minimalism colors “Last Days of Sunlight” with a solemn aura, setting up the one-two punch of the post-hardcore “Deceiver,” and leading into the EP-closing (and aptly-titled) “V” which truly captures the spirit of this effort with its JoyDivision-on-steroids angst.

Tombs define themselves more completely on All Empires Fall than most of their peers can over the course of a double-album. Despite their unassuming presence in the heavy music world, they prove, yet again, that they are the cutting edge.

All Empires Fall is out April 1 on Relapse Records. Pre-order it here!

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Tombs - All Empires


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