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Titaan: “ITIMA” Album Review


Titaan: “ITIMA” Album Review

Ever wonder what plays in a madman’s mind 24 hours a day? Throw on the new album from Titaan, Itima, and you’ll have a pretty good idea. This record is definitely a trip through batshit crazy country.

The album is just one track. Forty-six minutes and 58 seconds of adrenalized insanity. Within the first two minutes the listener is hurtling down a mountain of mayhem in a bobsled of psychotic skullfuckery. Definitely not for the faint of heart by any stretch.

If you thought Titaan‘s 2016 album, Kadingir, was a lot to wrap your head around, just wait until you hear Itima. Drum blasts that feel like they carry the heat of Hell’s flames accompany the screams of the dead and damned. Obviously, given it is a single “song,” you can’t really say you can have any favorite tracks. This is an album that really should be listened to from beginning to end to completely get the band’s vision. For some people, you may only listen to it in spurts for as long as you can.

In these insane times, it’s reassuring to hear someone was able to get the mood down on vinyl.

Itma is out on ATMF. Buy it here!

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