It’s been three long years since “In Ancient Of Days” was released by Thy Will Be Done, but the wait for new material is over on September 25th with the release of their “Temple” EP! Being a huge fan of this group, I was anxious to hear the new material, and my wish was granted when it appeared in my inbox last week. After one listen, I could already tell the evolution of the group in the past three years and began to play the EP over and over again. After taking several breaks to fully comprehend what I was listening to, I came to the realization that this music not only met my expectations, but exceeded them beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I will explain why below!

As with every new release, your personal expectations and wants are usually let down and/or barely matched, with the exceptions of some new material. With the “Temple” EP, Thy Will Be Done hit on everything I wanted to hear from them and then took it to a whole new level. Right out of the gates with “Liturgy” you immediately feel the mood and dark atmosphere of the EP and it just consumes your mind. J Costa’s vocals are raw, honest and real, and the backing music is the perfect accent to his lyrical approach on the opener. The sound is heavy, eerie and menacing, and sets the tone for the rest of the EP perfectly. As you move on to “In The Ways Of The Old” and “The Great Rebuilding,” the crushing riffs begin and the next six minutes goes by in a storm of true metal! From the powerful screams from J, to the neck breaking riffs and blistering solos, you know right away that you are hearing something special. One thing that stands out on these tracks for me are the insane transitions throughout the songs. It’s an obvious sign of the band’s growth and the level of their song writing maturity being pushed to new boundaries, and it’s incredible to hear.

Up next is the first released single, “You, The Apathy Divine,” and really holds true to the classic Thy Will Be Done sound. Starting off with a catchy guitar part that immediately turns into a brutal breakdown, it’s a whirlwind of metal that will keep you raging till the end. It’s no surprise that they released this track first, because it’s a great representation of the EP, and in my opinon, a soon to be fan favorite for their live shows! Listen to it below!

“A Lion And A Lamb” is next and features my favorite guitar parts throughout the EP. The verse riff is quick and mind bending, and flows perfectly into the powerful chorus. Their seamless way of turning a riff from thrash to a brutal breakdown is constant in this EP and something really hard to accomplish, but again, they did it. The track also features an appearance of clean vocals from J, and I know some of you may quiver at the thought, but it works well with the tone of the track. Plus, you get a sick guitar solo right after it, so you get the whole package with “A Lion And A Lamb.” Now the final song deserves it’s own paragraph.

It takes a lot for me to be truly speechless after a song, but it happened after one listen to “Epiphany.” This is the closing track on the EP and one that will leave everyone wanting more. While the music is absolutely genius on this song, the stand out is, without a doubt, J Costa. His vocals on “Epiphany” are simply magnificent. The raw emotion in his voice is felt throughout each word and left me sitting there stunned after it was over. It’s a special thing to hear someone open up their world and put everything they have into a song for you, and it truly blew this metal head away! This is beyond powerful! It may not feature the thrashy, pounding riffs that you would expect from the guys, but it shows that they can change it up a bit and still write an impressive piece of music. Because of this track alone, the future for them is now full of endless possibilities!

If you can’t tell from what I said above, Thy Will Be Done has written one hell of an EP! If we can get material like this again from them, I’d easily wait another three years. Luckily they are expected to have a full length out next year and I can only imagine how great that will be after hearing the EP! Mark September 25th on your calendar and go pick up “Temple” as quick as you can. As for me, I’m going to press play again! This EP is a BEAST!

Rating 5/5