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Thy Art Is Murder: “Dear Desolation” Album Review


Thy Art Is Murder: “Dear Desolation” Album Review

Australia’s Thy Art is Murder are classified as one of the frontrunners of the deathcore genre.  While I’ve never been a super fan of this genre, I can certainly appreciate what bands like Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Carnifex, and Thy Art is Murder do for heavy music. They have had some personnel problems with vocalist C.J. McMahon left the band for a brief period, but he is back and they are at full force on Dear Desolation.

“Slaves Beyond Death” opens the album up in punishing deathcore glory. “The Son of Misery” takes a step forward and incorporates a Behemoth-like feel. The song is a bruiser!  “Puppet Master” adds another layer with a groove/thrash element.  It’s a monster.  The title track has a more traditional Thy Art is Murder feel, with breakdowns and a screaming guitar solo. “The Final Curtain” is also a killer song that incorporates everything that the band does well, and it takes the album out on one hell of a note.

Thy Art is Murder have created a monster with Dear Desolation. The dynamics and production here are worth the price alone! They have branched out and taken some chances by incorporating other elements into their signature sound. Special kudos are due for drummer Lee Stanton whose performance here is absolutely out of this world.

Dear Desolation is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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