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Thrown Into Exile: "Safe Inside" Album Review

Destroying listeners one-by-one!

Thrown Into Exile: "Safe Inside" Album Review

Southern California’s Thrown Into Exile are shining stars in the metal world in this day and age. They combine elements of Painkiller-era Judas Priest with thrash then add in vocal melodies. Vocalist Henry Derek, formerly of Scar The Martyr and presently of Act of Defiance, brings his best performance to date on Safe Inside, Thrown Into Exile‘s debut. His ability to go from acid-gargles to clean, Mike Patton sounding vocals is uncanny and truly unique. The guitar duo of Mario Rubio and Ray Sanchez are a combination to behold, and their playing is so tight that it sounds like they’ve been playing together for a lifetime. Drummer Zac Morris and bassist Dave Corsile round out the lineup, and their performance is also nothing less than dynamic. Together, this band fucking destroys!

“Myth of Misfortune” opens with a melancholy, carnival-type aura, and then “Declination,” the first single,” comes at you with full force. It’s fast and pummeling, and the chorus is catchy as hell. Make no mistake about it, this band is here to show how to make killer, guitar-based metal with melodic vocals that sounds as brutal as hell. “Restore the Truth” starts with chugging bass amid razor-sharp riffs, then breaks into an overtly cool verse. The chorus shines as Derek delivers a ballsy tone in his vocals. The guitar solo during the break is not only crushing, but fits perfect with the rhythm of the song. “No Words” has a more thrash element in the first portion of the song, but the chorus has a killer melodic feel. “Song for the Lost” is faster and harder, and it really  sticks in your head. “Fear Takes Control” is my favorite here, and everything just clicks and fits. The vocals are crushing yet refined, and I love the chorus with the double kick drum. The gang vocals amid the crushing riffs toward the end of the song are over the top. “Nothing Else is Real” is nothing short of epic, and it not only combines the aforementioned elements that the band deliver so well, but it takes the songwriting structure to the next level. It’s harder in tone, more serious in the lyrics, and it is the perfect song to take you out of the album.

Thrown Into Exile have an absolute monster on their hands with Safe Inside. It is a must-own for metal fans of all genres.

Safe Inside is out October 21 on Urban Yeti Records. Pre-order it here!

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