Throane - Cover - 2017

The sonic weight of Throane‘s newest track, “Et Ceux En lesquels Ils Croyaient,” is more than breathtaking. It is suffocating. From the cosmic drones to the pained howls, its darkness  sucks all of the light and life from the room. And this is but one track from Throane‘s Plus Une Main A Mordre.

The side project of photographer, illustrator, and designer Dehn Sora (Blut Aus NordUlver), Throane will release the new album on October 20 via  Debemur Morti Productions.  If “Et Ceux En lesquels Ils Croyaient” is any indication, it will be expansive and horrifying. Listen to the track (accompanied by an eerie, inexplicable music video) below, and pre-order Plus Une Main A Mordre  here!


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