Three Positive Things To Think About While The World Burns


Three Positive Things To Think About While The World Burns

Alt-right versus liberal left?  Healthcare fight in the United States?  Election in France?  European Union instability?  Brexit?  War in the Middle East?  Possible war with southeast Asia?  Immigration crisis?  Religion?  Russian hackers?  There’s a lot of shit going on right now in the world that drives us apart.  There’s enough to start wars and cause lives to be lost, and surely some of the topics in discussion right now have consequences of that nature.  The world is in fucking flames and even I am questioning the logic of many lifelong friends’ opinions.

In times of extreme division, it can be very hard to think of something positive to say about the world.  I think it’s important that we remind ourselves, at least once in a while, of some of the good things in life.

SkullsNBones is proud to have volunteers from all walks of life.  We have righties, lefties, people living on different continents and with views that directly contrast each other in the political spectrum.  But we are a family.  Metal is the thing that unites people and shows us that there is more to life than what we see all over the news right now.  We really try hard not to get political on the site, and it’s very hard not to when emotion takes over.

So with that in mind, I want to share some positive things to think about, from my perspective, while the world around us appears to be burning to the fucking ground.

Underground Metal

Fucking right.  There’s nothing like it.  The raw feeling of real, true metal being performed by those who put it all on the table for us to enjoy at their own expense and their own energy is one of the driving forces behind the continued existence of SkullsNBones.  We love underground metal and the feeling it brings.

I have many friends who complain about how there isn’t any new music out there that is interesting.  I say to those people, “You aren’t looking hard enough.”  When I see those posts go up, I always share my previous year’s top albums list.  Sure, not everyone is going to like what I like, but there are a lot of fantastic records out there, just last year, and not all of them are by well-known bands.

I think it’s also truly inspiring to find hardworking bands like IKILLYA who push incredibly hard touring, making music videos, recording albums and getting their name out there.  Their story, and the stories of many hardworking underground bands, is what makes me want to support them.

Performing Metal

There’s nothing like it.  Being on stage with amplifiers blasting, drums smashing the airwaves, guitars ripping through faces, and bass smashing you right in the chest while your singer belts out terrifying screams is about as close to euphoria as I can think of.  Anyone in a band can probably relate to this. It’s kind of like a drug.  You do it once and you need to do it more and more.

There is an energy to performance that is unmatched by anything else.  For some reason you feel more power in your body than if you drank 30 coffees, and the connection you make with your bandmates and with the audience continues to drive the power of the performance throughout a set.  It’s fucking fantastic.

My new band is high-energy and all about the performance, which is something that I find truly special.  It’s hard to find a whole lineup of performers, but somehow we did it.  You have to imagine how practice looks in our small studio, haha!  Performing is one of many positive things in my world, and I bet for all the musicians reading this it’s one of yours as well.

The Metal Scene

It means something different to different people, but the scene is something that makes me truly happy.  From the style to the circle pits to aggressive and self-deprecating humour, there’s nothing like our scene.  We look different, we act different, we live and love different, we party different, we mourn different, and we exist in a way that allows us to be a family with those we don’t even know.

Our scene has a lifestyle that brings us together around music.  Maybe some of us are more into thrash or black or death, but we all go to the same festival to drink the same beers and celebrate metal together.  To me, the scene is my family.  I have found brothers and sisters, lovers and parental-like guidance from elders, metal-gods to be respected and sometimes a bit of ignorance that can be forgiven.  But it’s our scene, this is our family, and for our short time on earth, I am proud to be a part of something as special as this.

The SkullsNBones Social Network is built to unite the scene with a focus on social features.  The idea is to allow us to be who we are without the restrictions of sites like Facebook or Twitter where people can report a nipple as something offensive.  (If you report something like that as offensive to us, we’re gonna laugh at you.)  We’re getting the party started by creating a couple of groups:

  1. I created a Finnish metal scene group because I’m living in Helsinki and I thought it might be cool to showcase some of what I find in the scene here, and maybe to bring some peoplf together:
  2. Jamie Lee created a Southeastern Metal Scene group to meet other like-minded metalheads for general discussion, music recommendations, meet-ups, and more:
  3. A random user created a group for Brazilian metalheads:

It’s all about the scene, our family and friends, and brining it all together to make us feel like we have something that is more powerful than all the things in the world that try to divide us.  The metal scene is the glue for me that keeps it all together!