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Thrashera: “Nao Gosto!” Album Review


Thrashera: “Nao Gosto!” Album Review

Thrashera are a brazilian band who play exactly what the name suggests – some really good thrash metal. Formed back in 2010, these guys have been consistently cranking out music with lyrical themes ranging from partying to nuclear disasters. Their upcoming album Nao Gosto! has lyrics mainly revolving around the oppression of artistic expression.

Nao Gosto! means “Don’t Like!” representing the message that they wanted to send in this album, which is that we all need to refuse the hypocrisy that commands this world. The lyrics to the opening track clearly state how the people that rule our world look down on us and we need to rise up against them and prove that they’re the real scum of society.

The album starts with about two minutes of ominous drums and a spoken rant in Portugeese, then a quick build up to a trashy riff and fast drums that reminded me of something the band Midnight could’ve released.

Other than this song, my favorites off the album would have to be the blistering “Maré 669” which has a kickass guitar solo that sounds like something out of Gary Holt’s catalog, and the sinister “Metal!” which brings all the speed and intensity that you could want from thrash.

My only issue with the album is that it could’ve ended on a better note. The last song, “Igreja,” is my least favorite on the album, and the end of it didn’t feel nearly as big as the rest of the album. It leaves this closing feeling like there was supposed to be one more song that didn’t make the cut.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Thrashera‘s Nao Gosto! to anyone who loves thrash, as long as they don’t mind the lyrics not being English, which I personally don’t.

Nao Gosto! is out March 31 on Helldprod. Buy it here!

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