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Thicket: “Descend into Darkness” Album Review


Thicket: “Descend into Darkness” Album Review

Thicket is an Orlando, FL (USA) based thrash metal band. The metalheads submitted their record for review via Steel Panther‘s search for bad-ass underground metal bands to share with the world!

My first impression of Thicket is that the mix on the record isn’t that good. It’s not terrible, it’s just not great – maybe that’s a good thing for a thrash band? I like where the bass sits in the mix, I think the drums are a little too overpowering, and the lead guitar has a “cheap” sound to it. I found it a little hard to listen to at first because the tones are all over the place.

Once you get to listening you can get past the sounds and focus on the music itself. I think Thicket is very creative, and I give them a lot of credit for their unique mix of thrash and rock. There are some progressive elements to the songs on this record that I think help them stand out from the pack. There is a track called “Penance” I think has elements of Death and also gets a little fun with some smooth jazz parts.

We should talk about the vocals here, too. I think the singer has a decent thrash voice, but the cadence is almost painful at times. It’s clear he needs to stay in time with the guitars because he’s playing at the same time, but beyond that he’s also hesitating to keep that timing. So the vocals don’t feel natural anywhere on the record.

“Penance” and “Fall Of Illusion” are the standout tracks for me. All in, this record is a whole bunch of “almost there.” I think if Thicket cleans things up a bit this is a band that could create some really amazing music. For Descend Into Darkness, I don’t think it’s there yet, but it’s pretty close.

You can listen to Thicket‘s Descend Into Darkness in its entirety on the band’s Bandcamp page here:

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Thicket, Descend Into Darkness

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