There's No Good Music Anymore Volume 1

I hear so many people complaining about how there isn’t any good modern music, or how there are no good new bands coming out.  You guys remind me of the teenage girls who post “I’m so ugly” just so that boys will comment about how beautiful you are.  I, of course, fall for it every time and share a link to last year’s top albums of the year.

SkullsNBones is in a unique position to actually shine some light on the subject.  We listen to almost everything new that comes through our newsroom and try to review everything worth talking about.  So rather than expecting you people to actually read about the bands we review, I decided I would make the effort a little easier for you.

There’s No Good Music Anymore Vol. 1

So to make this process super simple, follow these rules:

  1. Hit the play button on the playlist to the left.
  2. Listen to at least the first 30 seconds of each track, but feel free to skip through any songs you don’t like.  There are a lot of styles in the list and not everyone will like all of them.
  3. When you hear something you like, check out the band name, maybe read the album review, maybe listen to the whole album!

It’s really that simple to discover something new! You never know what you might find, but we’re going to try to bring this list to you regularly so we can attack the opinion of their not being any good modern music head on!

On the list

Lunatic Hooker: Embracing The Filth
Album Review:

Life of Agony: A Place Where There’s No More Pain
Album Review:

Slagmaur: Thill Smitts Terror
Album Review:

The Obsessed: Sacred
Album Review:

Royal Thunder: Wick
Album Review:

Warbringer: Woe To The Vanquished
Album Review:

Memoriam: For The Fallen
Album Review:

Fit for an Autopsy: The Great Collapse
Album Review:

Fen: Winter
Album Review:

Obituary: Obituary
Album Review:

Behind The Sun: Post Solis
Album Review:

Jagged Vision: Death is this World
Album Review:


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