Yesterday I revealed my Top Twenty Metal Albums Of 2012 and I mentioned how it was such an amazing year for metal music! Not only were the albums amazing, but we got some great EP’s in our hands as well! Thanks To Scion A/V, most of these were free to download, which was even more badass! So I put together a list of the Top Ten Metal EP’s of 2012 and you can check them out below! Click the titles for purchase/download links too! All of these are incredible! Hailz!

#10 Pelican- “Ataraxia/Taraxis”

#9 Tesseract- “Perspective”

#8 Corrosion Of Conformity- “Megalodon”

#7 Agalloch- “Faustian Echoes”

#6 haarp- “Husks”

#5 Immolation- “Providence”

#4 Arsis- “Lepers Caress”

#3 DOWN- “The Purple EP”

#2 Thy Will Be Done- “Temple”

#1 Revocation- “Teratogenesis”


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