The Swell Fellas: “The Great Play Of Extension” EP Review


The Swell Fellas: “The Great Play Of Extension” EP Review

What The Swell Fellas lack in audible heaviness, they make up for with shear intensity.

The Great Play fo Extension opens with an instrumental spider web that gives way into the meat of “Placebo.” It is psychedelic, with reverb tricks engulfing the brain. And it doesn’t let up over the course of the eight-plus minute composition, with its woozy interludes and menacing aura. “Acid Tone” is punchy, and it lays down an impenetrable riff with audible stabs befitting a convict with a shiv. The album closing epic “Scatterbrain” is a trip into an isolating rabbithole, with the only respite a calming bridge midway through that is heady but breathable.

The Swell Fellas deliver spliff-worthy decadence on The Great Play for Extension. It may only be three songs, but it allows for plenty of time to enjoy the high.

The Great Play for Extension is out April 17. Pre-order it here!

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