The Order Of Apollyon: “Moriah” Album Review


The Order Of Apollyon: “Moriah” Album Review

Sometimes the joy of doing a lot of metal reviews is the continuous journey. It leads to the discovery of new bands, different genres and subgenres and different areas of the world. This, of course, results in sleep deprivation and a losing battle with the battery percentage on your device.

I was not too familiar with the French black metal scene so it was with great delight to review The Order of Apollyon‘s upcoming release Moriah. Aside from having musicians from Aborted, Aosoth, Hell Militia and Merrimack, we have a production that is absolutely divine for the kvlt of the dark side of metal.

Sometimes an album will evoke images in my mind (how I wish I could draw them), and as I delved into Moriah, it was as though I were being hunted in the underground maze of catacombs in some foreign land. The music conjures a feeling of running through the dark, hiding from something, being desperate and hungering for relief, hurting and agonizing for some kind of light and some way out. The drumming is massive, like a beast continuously on the prowl for you. With aggressive tonations, befouled sounds at a feverish pace, and powerful polished riffs, it is volatile energy coming down on you. As the final tones of “A Monument” recede and you regain your bearings in the real world, you are left with a sinister excitability.

Afterwards, I researched French black and death metal on into the night, forever traveling my further adventures into this extreme metal odyssey. Tres bien.

The Order of Apollyon‘s Moriah is out October 26 on Agonia Records. Buy it here!

The Order of Apollyon - Moriah - Promo

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