HELL YES! The new record from the mighty Revocation is almost complete! As you are all well aware, I am a HUGE fan of this band, and truly consider them one of the most important “young” bands in metal. With each album they just get better and better, and I have no doubts that the new material will blow everyone away! Prepare to have your mind blown people!

Read their latest update on the new record below!

Today is the last day of tracking, just gotta finish up some vocals and then it’ll ready for the mixing stage. We’re all incredibly pleased with how this one turned out, it’s going to be a very pissed off record but will also have some twists and turns to spice things up. We feel like this is some of our best playing laid down to date, can’t wait for everyone to check out the new tunes!

New Revocation is coming people! GET STOKED!


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