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And the countdown continues with Alicia’s picks!

1. Joe Duplantier (Gojira)


I think what I love the most about Joe (despite his looks and talent) is the fact that he comes off with a really good energy. In watching interviews of him, he is always very friendly and has zero reservations over promoting the idea of taking care of our environment. Call it the hippie in me, but that’ just hot.

2. Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Phil Anselmo & The Illegals, Down)


His voice can be recognized by practically anyone, and that kind of notoriety is attractive. His most recent stuff isn’t too shabby, either. A guy with staying power in his work coupled with a bad boy attitude and an in-your-face stage presence is definitely sexy in my book.

3. Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)


So when I read this list to some friends, I kind of caught hell for this pick. But I don’t care. I’m OWNING THIS ONE. Randy is hot, especially in the video for “Laid To Rest.” But he’s hot in his own special and unique way, and nothing solidified for that for me more than when I saw him in a suit and tie. I like both dirty, sweaty AND suited and booted Randy!

4. Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)


Ok ok ok… before you start booing me with arguments on whether Skid Row is metal or not, just hear me out: THAT HAIR. That hair alone deserves a fucking award. And I’m not talking about modern day Sebastian; I’m talking about “Slave To The Grind” and “Monkey Business” Sebastian. Those hair metal bands obviously catered to the female demographic, and Sebastian was the weapon of choice for lady killing. Ow!

5. Brann Dailor (Mastodon)


Far too often it seems like it’s a requirement to be hot if you’re a drummer. And no one quite proves that theory to me like Mr. Dailor of Mastodon. He’s in great shape, has killer tattoos, can play with the best of them (well, duh, he does), and that strawberry blonde hair is awesome.

6. Jens Kidman (Meshuggah)


Jens is really well known for that signature face he makes… you know the one. It’s all contorted with his eyes rolling back in his head and an underbite that would rival any bulldog alive. I’m not talking about that kind of Jens Kidman. The Jens that I swoon over actually has a gorgeous face and a sexy smile to boot. In interviews he comes off very warm and his voice is deep and manly. And I like manly.

7. Lexxi Foxxx (Steel Panther)


Lip gloss. Hairspray. Spandex. Pink. I don’t know one guy out there that can wear these things all at once and make me go, “Damn!” Maybe he brings out the inner lipstick lesbian in me, I don’t know. One thing I do know is Lexxi is hands down my favorite person to watch in interviews. He’s hilarious, clueless, and fifty shades of HOT.

8. Till Lindemann (Rammstein)


Till is really hot in that kind of “I’m psycho, I might kill you, but this will be the best ride of your life” type of way. Kind of like Dexter Morgan. Then again, with big muscles like that, I’m down to take a chance. I’m just kidding! Nah but seriously, he seems like a funny person once I stopped watching only Rammstein videos and caught onto a blooper reel of him at various shows and interviews.

9. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead)


Aside from being very very very mature (I’m being tactful here, people) something about Lemmy is magnetic. He doesn’t care what you think about him, he will never stop doing what he loves, and he’s probably been with more women than any mere mortal man could dream of. He’s like a fine wine in that he seems to get better with age!

10. Adam “Nergal” Darski (Behemoth)


I’ve always said the people who seem the most crazy on stage are usually incredibly normal in person. What makes Nergal so attractive to me is his ability to be someone completely different on stage than in his day-to-day life. His stage presence is electrifying regardless if he offends people or not. When he is away from the spotlight he does a really good job of staying true to himself while coming off very approachable. Who would have thought under all that makeup is a sexy man taking the death metal genre by storm.