The Dillinger Escape Plan Has Started Recording Their New Album!

It’s a great day to be a fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan! Guitarist Ben Weinman just revealed on Instagram that the band has started recording their new album today! What can we expect? Ben previously said this about the new material: “It’s really… It’s heavy, man. It’s super heavy, it’s definitely dark, but I think it’s weirder than maybe our last record. It’s like really weird. There’s like ideas and riffs that just… are so weird, like different. They’re just… I don’t know, I have to say when I hear I’m proud to say that nobody signs like Dillinger… We may be the worst band in the world, but when I listen to it, I’m like I really don’t think anybody would write a record like this. And that’s what I’m trying to do, that’s what I’m trying to be: a band that stands out.

GET FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caption: “Deep deep in it. @billyrymer is laying down history. But we are in the now. “We live in perilous times and at crossroads. On the one hand, we risk our extinction and that of our planet because of the devastating combination of ancient tribal habits and modern technologies that have the ability to obliterate every living being on the planet several times over.”
Author: Deepak Chopra @partysmasherinc @dillingerescapeplan #drums #music #notes #tribal #energy

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