The Body Self-Titled Re-Release Album Review!

I’m a metal fan-I like most EVERYTHING put in front of me.  I look forward to new music like an addict to a fix.  When I get my albums for review each week it’s like X-mas morning for a 5 year old!  With that being said-I am perplexed by this album/music.  It is doomy and sludgy.  There really is no genre to put this duo in.  The first song, titled ( ), starts off with the repetition of a slow and dark riff -and SLOWLY builds over 8 1/2 minutes.  I enjoyed the Sabbathy feel to it.  It’s raw and in your face.  No vocals-just an almost unintelligible narrator sounding like Satan gargling with acid for a few seconds.  The ending is like a nightmare coming to life.

The entire album is full of enough doom riffs to satisfy every stoner rock fan on the planet.  The vocals, if you can call them that, kick in with a full force on the second song-The City of the Magnificent Jewel.  The vocals consist of screaming with no chance of every knowing what he’s screaming about.  Cool vibe to the song-just not my cup of tea on the singing.

The rest of this album is interesting to say the least.  It’s doomy and gloomy with the aforementioned vocals present.   The songs slowly build and repeat the same riff after riff.

This is a re-issue of their first album, originally released in 2004.  I do like some of the songs on their 2011 release, All of the Waters of the Earth turn to Blood.

If you are fan of this type of music-give this disc a spin when it comes out on the 26th of June.  I enjoyed the first song-but really didn’t care for the rest of the album.  It just seemed to drag on and I struggled to get through it.  Just not for me and my tastes.


Rating 2/5 Stars