The Black Dahlia Murder: “Verminous” Album Review


The Black Dahlia Murder: “Verminous” Album Review

Pressing play on a new The Black Dahlia Murder album is akin to opening up a circle pit, be it in the middle of a racous club or in the solitude of the bedroom. Verminous is no different.

Like the much-lauded Everblack and Nightbringers, frontman Trevor Strnd and his band of death mongers bristle with apocalyptic fury set into motion by buzzing guitars and fork-tongued growls. The album-opening title track is mosh-inducing, setting the stage for a brutal workout across Verminous’ 10 tracks with its breakneck groove and demonfire lyrics. “Removal of the Oaken Stake” is a sinister bludgeoning that is musically intense, boasting thoroughbred rhythms and anthemic soloing. Equally as menacing is “The Leather Apron’s Scorn” and its rolling boil of riffage, and for the guitar freaks, “The Wereworm’s Feast” explodes with a thick solo to open it up and chugs with grandiose guitar prowess throughout.

In the live setting, The Black Dahlia Murder stoke the flames of fans as they twist and turn, blast and bang to the music. This experience is carried over to Verminous with its fist-pumping, death metal revelry. 

The Black Dahlia Murder embody modern day death metal, and Verminous underscores why they sit proudly on the genre’s throne. 

Verminous is out April 17 on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!

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