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The Black Dahlia Murder: “Receipt” Single Released!


The Black Dahlia Murder: “Receipt” Single Released!


Are you ready to rage to another new song from The Black Dahlia Murder? HELL YES YOU ARE! The Black Dahlia Murder will be releasing “Abysmal” on September 18th via Metal Blade Records, and as Trevor Strnad said, “it sees us approaching maniacal speeds unseen before in the TBDM catalog.” As you could hear in the “Vlad, Son of the Dragon” single, he was not lying! I’m starting to honestly believe that it’s impossible for these guys to write a bad song! “Vlad, Son of the Dragon” was so killer, and thanks to Revolver Magazine, you can blast “Receipt” below right now! Rage your fucking heads off to this blistering track, and be sure to pre-order “Abysmal” today!