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The Black Dahlia Murder Has Finished Recording Their Seventh Album!


The Black Dahlia Murder Has Finished Recording Their Seventh Album!


YES!!!!! According to Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios, The Black Dahlia Murder finished recording their seventh studio album last week! What can we expect? Here’s what Mark said on his Instagram post: “Well boys and girls @theblackdahliamurder_official album #7 is in the can. We actually wrapped on Friday but I’ve been so insane busy that I’ve been slacking on my work related social media posts. Im stoked on this record… It’s raw and its gross and its not perfect and it’s heavy as shit… like it should be. @jason_suecof told me it sounded “evil” when he heard it. That made me happy. Cuz the shit rips and it’s got vibe, it takes me somewhere when I hear it. We could’ve made it perfect and locked it all to the grid and sampled every drum to death but @augmentedaudio and I didn’t. This is Black Dahlia being fucking Black Dahlia. It’s the band on fire, like they are live, and it rips… I think that takes balls to have that confidence in yourself when so many bands and producers are just over editing the shit out of themselves and being so untrue to who they are as musicians. Have your identity, have your sound and DO that shit.

I’ve said it a million times by now, but in my opinion, The Black Dahlia Murder is one of the most underrated bands in metal. Over their career they’ve mastered their sound, and it’s beyond impressive. Whether it’s Trevor’s insane vocals, or the incredible riffage, there is no other band like The Black Dahlia Murder out there, and that’s why they rule so hard. Plus, they have one of the best live shows around, so to hear Mark say the album sounds “like they are live” is just awesome news! Get stoked now! New tunes from The Black Dahlia Murder are coming!

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