Testament: “Titans Of Creation” Album Review


Testament: “Titans Of Creation” Album Review

You don’t earn a spot as one of The Big Four of thrash metal without showing a significant amount of muscle. Testament continue to flex more than 25 years into a storied career with Titans of Creation, one hell of a strong release.

The follow-up to Brotherhood of the Snake, Titans of Creation comes on the heels of the bands participation in Slayer’s farewell tour, and it finds the San Franciscan thrashers in top form. Laser riffing and galloping rhythm introduce “Children of the Next Level” providing the perfect accompaniment to Chuck Billy’s doomsday lamentations. “Dream Deceiver” recalls the best in ’80s thrash, where the riffs defined true metal and half-speed blasts meant as much as triggered drumming. And a hook? Yes, the chorus pierces the flesh, and it feels oh so good. “City of Angels” is far from the heaviest track on the album, but it underscores Testaments place in the upper echolon of thrash. They know how to write a song, one that shifts gears with precision.

Boasting impeccable production, Titans of Creation is yet another worthy addition to Testament‘s canon. Thrash is still alive and well, and with legends like this still churning out solid releases, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Titans of Creation is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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