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Tengger Cavalry Shares Their First Tour Diary From The Road!

Tengger Cavalry Shares Their First Tour Diary From The Road!

Tengger Cavalry Shares Their First Tour Diary From The Road!

Tengger Cavalry unleashed their “Mountain Side” EP earlier this year, and are now bringing that material to the masses. The Mongolian Folk Metal band just kicked off their highly anticipated U.S. tour, and they’ve given us the honor of bringing you their tour diary from the road. Just like their live show, it’s entertaining as hell. Check out the first entry below!

“We set out striving to get the name of Tengger Cavalry out there. I struggled with the recent passing of my grandfather and sought to honor his memory. We set out on this mission to hopefully make a few bucks and maybe get laid. We found much more than that though. We found each other. More importantly, we found ourselves. And like the open road, we are infinite.”

“I’m driving through Kentucky with Americas hottest Mongolian folk metal band, Tengger Cavalry. It’s been three days now, and the van is starting to smell a little bit ripe, but that’s okay, this is folk metal, and we aren’t exactly trying to get laid (Though that didn’t stop our drummer Josh from packing condoms) So far the dudes are enjoying seeing America, for many of them it’s the first time and the more experienced of us have been trying to point out some fun facts about every state we drive through to relieve the monotony. It’s a gray day on the road to Indianapolis and apparently everyone in this fucking state feels the need to drive five miles below the speed limit.”

“After a long day yesterday which culminated in a tiny show in Huntington, West Virginia everyone was feeling beat. I had a few drinks and had my Southern drawl coming on and found myself flirting with a babe-tastic bartender. Despite the fiscal difficulties we had a lot of fun. We even made friends with the super radical dudes in Scrounge Hound who managed to put us up for the night and get us some beer and bud. Two of us actually got our own rooms, so I ended up having a Tuscan Raider standee doll stare down at me while I slept. Still, we all banged out eight to nine hours of sleep after a late night Mongolian folk music jam session driven by our Moriin Huur player Muren. It was one of those nights that speaks to the beauty of the road. Sure we didn’t make a lot of money, but we sure as hell had a good time with some very good people.”

“Perhaps this particular night was especially devastating because Philadelphia went so well. We played to a nearly sold out Kung Fu Necktie, saw a million good friends and then crashed at my lovely parents home. It gave us a god start to the tour and hinted at greater things to come. It just seems that those great things weren’t going to happen with a nine hour drive across Pensyltucky (That is to say, the hellish region between Philadelphia and Philadelphia). Still, I would like to emphasize how great the folks at Kung Fu Necktie are, making sure to swing us some extra dough an also taking good care of our friend in Tungsten who we had out opening for us.”

“It’s still a bit too early on to have any particular crazy stories, though Alex was flashed last night by some lovely local which is always a good time. This is the first time any of the Tengger Cavalry guys have toured and a lot of it has been approached with a wide eyed sense of wonder and fun. We are diving in feet first to something that could change our lives forever. We have a couple of nineteen hour drives coming up in the next few days and I think that we are all trembling in fear. Still – there will be a way forward, there is no other choice. Such is the incredible struggle of tour life.”

“My main take away from the last few days though has been that Coors Light is evil. (In the words of my father, “Do you WANT to die?”) I have another can sitting next to me in the van begging to be downed when we get to the next venue, but it just hurts so much. That’s tour life though isn’t it? At least partially. Shitty beer is a key element to any band on the roads existence it reminds us why we keep on grinding, to get home and drink beer that doesn’t suck. Or maybe we will learn to love it. Today marks the day that we leave Yuengling territory and start approaching strange midwestern brews, I will have to re-acclimate myself to these foreign ales and find a path to freedom through booze, despite the adversity.”

“So we look boldly to the future. We have a strong couple of dates coming up once we get out of the Midwest, the real challenge is just getting through the fucking Midwest. We love the people out here, it can just be a struggle with the mammoth drives and dismal guarantees. Still, the last seventy two hours have seen us bonding ways I don’t think any of us expected. Things are moving forward nicely, everyone is hurting, but that’s okay because we are on the road. We just passed a ghetto-ass water park and now are wondering about child rape because that’s how things go whenyou’re on tour and our whole body hurts. It’s weird to be out on the road with a bunch of Mongolians, but somehow we will make it through.”

– Tengger Cavalry