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Tengger Cavalry: “Die On My Ride” Album Review


Tengger Cavalry: “Die On My Ride” Album Review

Heavy. is a heavy metal website, but how do you actually define “heavy”? Is it simply the volume that something is played at or listened to? Is it the content of the lyrics’ subject matter? Is it in how bombastic and over-the-top the band’s performance is onstage? Or, does “heavy” come in the silence, in the notes not played, in the words not sung. Is real “heavy” defined by the emotions of the song, in their origins on paper and then performed and recorded.

Tengger Cavalry are one heavy band, and with the release of Die on my Ride, they prove that they are not a novelty act or a one-trick pony. (OK, I have to admit that one-trick pony is especially funny because the Mongolians are known for their horsemanship, specifically on ponies.) For those of you not familiar with Tengger Cavalry, do yourself a favor and do so immediately. They are a metal band based on the traditional music and instruments of Mongolia, and, my brothers and sisters, they are so good.

Combining metal riffs with both English and Mongolian throat-singing vocals, Die on my Ride might possibly end up as my number one album of 2017. If you are not familiar with what exactly Mongolian throat-singing is, check out the film Genghis Blues. Tengger Cavalry are quite possibly the most organic metal band out there. Their connection Mother Gaia is spot on, and with Die on my Ride, they absolutely prove that they are pretty gosh-darned good at this whole music thing.

Songwise? Where to even begin! In the moments of quietness on this album, the mood and emotions weigh heavier that Metallica dipped in lead. Easily a contender for Top 40 pop play (interestingly enough) is “Ashley,” an absolutely gorgeous song. From there, with songs like “Independence Day,” “Cursed,” “Snow,” and the bonus track “Burn,” you are treated to a slam dunk of a record.

Yeah, I am absolutely kicking my own ass for missing Tengger Cavalry last year when they played two blocks from me here in New Orleans. How good is Die on my Ride? I’m buying a plane ticket to fly to see them this tour!

Die on my Ride is out now on M-Theory Audio. Buy it here!

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