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Tengger Cavalry Conquered Carnegie Hall On Christmas Eve!

Tengger Cavalry Conquered Carnegie Hall On Christmas Eve!

Tengger Cavalry Conquered Carnegie Hall On Christmas Eve!

When you think of Christmas Eve, you think of spending time with family, eating a huge dinner, watching old home movies, and maybe even getting the chance to open a gift early, right? Well, this year I decided to go in a drastically different direction, and I have no regrets. I got to spend Christmas Eve watching Tengger Cavalry bring their Mongolian folk metal to the historic Carnegie Hall in New York City. A few weeks ago I saw Tengger Cavalry conquer Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, and as Nature said in our exclusive interview, the dream of playing Carnegie Hall was actually happening, thanks to a successfully run Kickstarter campaign, and they truly put on a show on Christmas Eve.

As we all entered the beautiful Weill Recital Hall, there was a huge buzz among the crowd. Some of those in attendance knew the band’s story and sound, but it was evident that some were just there to see what all of the excitement was about. As the band took the stage in their traditional Mongolian clothing, the first song began, and immediately set the tone for the entire night. The “melodic” opening set list was a chance for front man Nature Ganganbaigal to showcase, not only the band’s talent, but his love and passion for his culture through the use of traditional instruments. The performance simply left everyone in the crowd speechless after twenty minutes. As the walked off the stage for intermission, you could tell the audience wanted more, but the metal fans knew what was coming next, which made the event even more exciting to witness.

After a short intermission, Tengger Cavalry returned to the stage sporting heavy metal shirts, and Nature screamed to the crowd if they were ready, and hell yes we were! The band kicked into the “metal” set list with a fury, and the atmosphere in Weill Recital Hall was immediately changed. Instead of a calm crowd, you had headbanging, you had roars, and you even had devil horns being raise to the sky. Tengger Cavalry was bringing a sound that Carnegie Hall had never heard, but the fans were loving every moment. As they closed out their “metal” set to a huge ovation from the crowd, you could see the pure joy on the band’s face. What was once a dream was reality. Tengger Cavalry brought Mongolian folk metal to one of the most famous venues in the world, and absolutely killed it! Enjoy some fan footage from this historic show below!