Music Video: Tengger Cavalry, “Chasing My Horse”


Music Video: Tengger Cavalry, “Chasing My Horse”

Tengger Cavalry are anomalies in the metal world, and if you are a regular reader of our site, you surely know why.

Bridging the gap between Mongolian folk music and heavy metal, they deliver a sonic amalgam unlike any other band out there. The infusion of the past and present results in a forward-thinking sound, and Tengger Cavalary‘s 2018 release Cian Bi is brimming with inventive interplay that is fresh and meaningful.

Tengger Cavalary¬†have now released a new video for the track “Chasing My Horse” from this Cian Bi. It comes as the band prepare to play Carnegie Hall on September 20 and in advance of a nationwide tour that they are plotting for later this year.

We will have exclusive photo coverage of the Carnegie Hall performance, so keep your eyes on !

Watch “Chasing My Horse” below, read our review of Cian Bi here, and buy the album here!

Tengger Cavalry Live Photos From Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY