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Today sucks. It’s not the beginning of the week… it’s not the end of the week… it’s right smack in the middle of the fucker. Here we sit, watching the clock tick, waiting for the moment we can run out of the building and straight for a cold refreshing [insert beverage of choice here].

I figured I might brighten up everyone’s day with a short list of songs that might help brighten things up a little. So put on your headphones, sit back and get your iTunes, Spotify or some other player ready to follow along. Here are my ten songs to get you over hump day.

Rage Against The Machine: Killing In The Name Of

No one can deny that this song is simply awesome. On top of that, if you’re sitting at a desk all day long like I am, this is an empowering tune that gets you amped up and ready for what comes next. Me, “you should listen to this song.” You, “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!”

Human Sculpture: The Wait

Totally different from Rage, but it’s a great song with some groves in there that will easily get your blood boiling. I like the speed, the melody and the screams from these guys and even though they’ve only released this three song EP to date, I still spin it almost every day.

Behemoth: Ov Fire And The Void

Yeah, over here at SkullsNBones we’re always up Behemoth’s ass, but we can’t help it, they’re fucking awesome. The brutality, the conviction in Nergal’s voice, the pure evil of the song… pick a reason, and turn it on. My reason? I like to imagine everything around me burning in the flames of hell while I put the cover sheets on my TPS reports.

Opeth:Godhead’s Lament

Everyone knows Opeth, and if you know Opeth, then you know that Still Life is one of the best albums in their 20 year career. I’d actually go further to say that this album is better than most metal that’s out there. Godhead’s Lament is my favorite song of the record, which is hard to pick because they’re all pretty fucking good.

Wintersun: Winter Madness

Okay, so at least in New York City today the weather is unseasonably warm, but it’s been really cold the last week or so and the below freezing temperatures are coming back next week so this song is pretty fitting to describe a lot of people’s workday during the winter. Winter Madness!

Lamb of God: King Me

This one doesn’t really remind me of Wednesday, work or the weather, it’s just a brutal, emotional song that hits me in a way that is moving. Randy really pours his heart into it and I really love hearing it. LOG always gets me through the workday, and today King Me is the song that needs to be pointed out.

The Human Abstract: Digital Veil

This album is awesome front to back, and Digital Veil is one of the standout songs for me. Typically I listen to this whole record through because it’s arranged really well, but if I had to pick just one (and I do because that’s the rule I made for myself writing this) then I pick Digital Veil. Dig it.

Zimmers Hole: Anonymous Esophagus

That’s right, I said it; ZIMMERS HOLE! Honestly, I think there’s supposed to be an apostrophe before the ‘s’ in ‘Zimmers’ but who am I to tell a band how to spell their name? Anyway, this record was absolutely hilarious and I feel like a lot of people didn’t get the joke when it came out. I think the production is really good and who doesn’t want to walk around the office singing, “Anonymous Esophagus” to themselves?

7 Horns 7 Eyes: Divine Amnesty

These guys made it to my Top 5 Albums of 2012 and I was particularly strict about what I wanted to be showcased there. This album is 100% worth owning. Divine Amnesty is a great song off the record, and a great introduction to what these guys sound like. Give the song a listen, then give the album a listen. Support good bands people!

Bloodbath: Eaten

Why not? This band is awesome and this song is the fan favorite. I actually refer to it as my department’s theme song… mostly because it’s offensive, but otherwise because it’s brutal as hell and that’s how I like to be perceived. EATEN!