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wrong one to fuck with

Dying Fetus - Fuck - Cover

Dying Fetus: “Wrong One To Fuck With” Album Review

Delivering one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017, Dying Fetus don’t disappoint with Wrong One To Fuck With. For starters, it’s an absolutely killer title for an album! It’s easy to see and hear why Dying Fetus are one of the best death metal bands in ‘Murica. This album is an absolute scrotum-ripper! Wrong One To Fuck With

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Dying Fetus Cover

Dying Fetus Release “Fixated On Devastation” Music Video

The unforgiving title and absurdly violent cover of the new Dying Fetus are something to behold, but the first new track from Wrong One to Fuck With only intensifies the anticipation for its June 23 release on Relapse Records.  “Fixated on Devastation” is a thundering return to form for these death metal legends.The music video captures live footage of the Dying Fetus doing what they do

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